BitcoinTrade and Charles Wicz create action to distribute about R$75,000 to investors

The idea is to help the investor to have the opportunity to expose himself to the dollar in a safe way, since the DAI is a token paired to the US currency

São Paulo, October 2020. With the aim of bringing the investor the opportunity to get to know and expose himself to stablecoin DAI, BitcoinTrade, a Brazilian broker specialized in the cryptomorphic market, has joined with the influential Charles Wicz to carry out an action on Friday, October 30, where the two organizations will make stablecoin DAI, created by Maker, a decentralized autonomous organization that operates in open source in the blockchain, available to users of the brokerage house.

Followers of influencer Charles who create a new BitcoinTrade account will automatically receive a bonus of 5 DAIs in their account. There is a limit of up to 12,500 DAIs, totaling about R$75,000 (according to today’s rate) distributed and R$30.00 for each participant, as the dollar-denominated cryptomime is worth approximately R$6.00 each.

„The idea is that the client has the chance to expose himself to the dollar in a faster and cheaper way. Besides, there is the education bias so that people know and inform themselves to start investing in this market“, says Daniel Coquieri, COO of BitcoinTrade.

All the action will take place in Instagram by the influencer Charles Wicz, creator of the Sincero Economist channel, and the first 2,500 followers who become Bitcoin Bonanza Trade customers will immediately receive their share in DAI in the broker’s digital portfolio. „With the high devaluation of the real in recent months, it is a good opportunity for the investor to have access to American currency through the DAI, since its great differential is not to be pegged to dollars, but to be paired. What keeps the price of DAI is financial engineering that can be 100% audited in the blockchain,“ explains Nadia Alvarez, business development representative for the Maker Foundation in Latin America.

Coquieri explains that „unlike Bitcoin, which has its price set according to the law of supply and demand, generating large changes in value, stablecoins are always paired or dollar-bound and sold 1-to-1. In other words, if you buy in real, you will pay the value corresponding to the dollar in Brazil, generating greater stability to the investor, than the Bitcoins, for example,“ concludes the executive.

About BitcoinTrade

BitcoinTrade is a cryptomage-broker entirely focused on the Brazilian market. Created in 2017 by Carlos André Montenegro and Daniel Coquieri, the startup offers in its portfolio the possibility to invest in Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, DAI and Ripple. Through a robust and secure platform, the company allows both individuals and companies to operate in its system. Startup is also the first cryptomaniac brokerage house in Brazil to have important international certifications, such as PCI DSS, which provides protection of users‘ privacy and confidentiality of payment data.